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Advantages of LED street light modules compared to traditional LED street lights

Release time: 2021-07-13 16:29:03    Visits: 859

LED street lights have now entered a relatively mature stage of development. LED street lights have basically met all the requirements of modern lighting, and can also completely or partially replace traditional high-pressure sodium solar street lights. Now LED street lights can be simply divided into integrated LED street lights, single LED street lights and modular LED street lights. Customers can buy the street lights they need according to their actual needs. Here is a brief introduction to LED module street lights.

  What is LED street light module

   is based on a module, the LED is packaged in a relatively small lighting module, and then multiple LED lighting modules are integrated. If the LED lamp bead is damaged, there is no need to disassemble and repair the entire lamp, just repair or replace the corresponding LED module; and there are vents between the module and the module, which is conducive to air convection heat dissipation and automatic cleaning of the lamp.

At the same time, more than ten new styles of street lights can be recombined by the number or category of a single module. Different numbers or types of modules are used according to different road types. At the same time, in addition to the use of street lights and floodlights, a single The modules can also be used as floodlights, garden lights, and lawn lights. It has the characteristics of low development cost and free customization.

  What are the advantages of LED street lamp modules

   1. Modular design is adopted, and the modules are connected in parallel, independent of each other, quick to assemble, and convenient for later maintenance and replacement. The number of installed modules can be adjusted according to different needs to achieve free adjustment and installation of 2-6 modules to meet the power requirements of different scenarios.

  2. The cost of modularized lamps is lower, because it is a standardized product, which can realize mass production, and the cost can be directly reduced.

  3. The water-proof module parallel connection design is adopted, which reduces the wiring, which is not only convenient for assembly and maintenance, but also improves work efficiency, but also has a better waterproof and dustproof level, which reduces the faults caused by the wiring and reduces the damage rate of the lamps.

  4. Modularized lamps are controlled and waterproof from the design source. The terminals, plugs and rubber rings are all designed in accordance with IP67.

  5. Modularized lamps can realize different optical lighting schemes in the same shape, suitable for different roads, and can be realized by only changing the lens of the same size and different light distribution.

The design of    modularized LED street light can provide domestic enterprises with more choices, with various shapes and simple installation. Customers can choose to purchase the entire lamp or purchase the module. Because it is a standardized design, it can be installed on different lamp housings according to customers" different styling needs, quickly providing customers with satisfactory customized products and creating a market for customers Competitiveness provides a strong guarantee.