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Full analysis of the functions of smart light poles in urban construction

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During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, intensive benefits have been released for accelerating the construction of digital China and developing the digital economy. The digital economy and industrial digital transformation have become one of the important development directions of the country. Under such a general environment, the construction of smart cities has accelerated Let the smart light pole industry flourish.

  According to the prediction of the International Smart City Research Center, in 2021, the market size of various hardware and services with smart street lights as the entrance will reach 3.7 trillion yuan. As a new generation of infrastructure to promote the digital economy and build a new smart city, smart light poles have expanded applications such as WIFI base stations, video surveillance, advertising screen broadcasts, environmental monitoring, emergency calls, and charging piles through iterative upgrades..... .

   What functions can a single smart light pole carry?

  What possibilities do these functions provide for urban construction and residents" lives?

  Urban micro base station

  ❶ —Integrated design, which can flexibly support the flexible networking of 5G base stations, without affecting the beauty of the city; made of non-metallic special materials, without interfering with base station signals;

  ❷ Special structure design, supporting equipment installation is stable and reliable;

  ❸ Evenly distribute the heat dissipation holes to ensure the stable operation of the base station;

  ❹ The hidden design does not cause trouble to the citizens;

  ❺ Sharing street lamp power supply and network management network;

  ❻ Optimized micro base station structure to save road resources.

   Wireless City WiFi

  WiFi system: Realize full coverage of the area and provide convenience for citizens and tourists.

  Smart lighting

   Connect each lamp to the Internet through information sensing equipment to achieve on-demand lighting and refined management of batch lamps, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction, efficient operation and maintenance.

  Intelligent perception

  Through the environmental monitoring system mounted on the smart light pole, the city"s meteorological information and air quality data are monitored in real time, and the data is provided to citizens for query; at the same time, the data can also be shared with the environmental protection department to realize smart environmental protection.

 Video Surveillance

   The video surveillance system realizes the full coverage of the surveillance area without blind spots, improves the safety of citizens" travel; improves the management efficiency of the competent authorities in the jurisdiction; at the same time, it can also provide data sharing for the public security and other intelligent departments.

 Information Release

   Publish government department public information, warning information, prompt information, and cultural propaganda information through LED electronic screens, and combine with intelligent security to issue early warning information when conditions occur on the road.

  City Broadcasting

  Urban broadcasting system; mainly for background music and emergency paging in public areas; following the design and planning principle of "master control first, emergency first", under normal circumstances, each broadcasting point can be broadcast separately.

   Jiao An Aid

   Consider the intensive and smart construction of cities as much as possible, provide facilities such as road nameplates, small signs and signs, pedestrian signals, and realize the functions of multi-pole integration of motor vehicle signal lights and traffic signs and signs.

   face recognition

   Information automatically collects and records all dynamic and static data of incoming and outgoing personnel, vehicles, etc., and through the management and control platform, the system automatically analyzes and early warnings and "one-stop" query and comparison, to achieve a comprehensive and real-time grasp of the information of the floating population, key personnel, and high-risk personnel.

   One-key alarm

In the event of an emergency, you can press the alarm button on the nearby pole to ask for help. The position information and monitoring information of the alarm position will be directly sent to the management platform, and two-way intercom and management can be realized with the management center personnel. The personnel can observe the surrounding environment through the video transmitted by the camera to guide the alarm person, and fully guarantee the personal safety of the alarm person. Provide faster and more effective services to the society while the police force remains unchanged, and effectively deter criminals, stabilize people"s hearts, and play a positive role in social stability.

  USB charging, mobile phone charging, power bank charging

   Taking the comprehensive and efficient utilization of urban public facilities as the starting point, rationally use the space resources and power resources of street lights to solve the residents" mobile phone charging needs anytime and anywhere.

  New energy charging

   In conjunction with the promotion of new energy vehicles, charging piles mounted on smart light poles in stations, communities, etc. are a cost-effective solution. There is no need for repeated line construction and does not occupy urban construction land. Connect the charging pile to the network management center, and the app can realize functions including GSI charging pile location query, scheduled charging, charging reminder, and online payment.