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How to plan the lighting for cultural tourism in characteristic towns?

Release time: 2021-07-13 16:20:58    Visits: 790

In recent years, with the increase in tourism demand and the expansion of tourist groups, small towns featuring cultural tourism have become unprecedentedly popular. So, how should lighting design companies seize the opportunity and how to design characteristic town cultural tourism lighting? Next, we share the following content for you:

   1. The road green belt should be mainly functional lighting to ensure the safety of tourists.

  2. Landscape nodes, sculptures, cultural theme displays, and public interactive areas should be based on landscape lighting, combined with projection and lighting installations to create interactive play areas.

  3. The lighting planning of cultural tourism in characteristic towns needs to simultaneously pay attention to the theme and atmosphere creation of the facilities, ranging from tourist attractions, host and guest interaction, to recreational greenways, sculptures, etc., must fit the theme of the characteristic town.

  4. The characteristic town is based on culture, tourism is the main economic industry, and the intrinsic value of culture is integrated into tourism elements such as food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment to create a characteristic town with cultural connotations.