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Application of smart light poles in intelligent transportation

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As an infrastructure that can be seen everywhere in the city, the importance of smart light poles is self-evident. With the rapid development of technologies such as smart city construction and the Internet of Things, smart light poles with multiple functions have brought new ideas for urban construction.

   5G integrated smart light pole

   The so-called multifunctional smart light pole is a 5G integrated pole, which includes street lighting control system, 5G base station, video monitoring management, LED light pole screen broadcast control system, real-time monitoring of urban environment, emergency call system, charging pile system and other applications. It has evolved from a simple lighting function to a multi-functional smart light pole to provide support for the construction of smart cities. The multi-functions of smart light poles are specifically manifested in the following 3 aspects:

  1. Smart lighting. Through the intelligent lighting control system, the lighting control, on-demand lighting and refined management requirements for each lamp are realized. In the control of street lights, it can be dynamically adjusted according to different rules, such as brightness sensors, third-party vehicle flow, pedestrian flow sensors, actual weather and environmental conditions. So as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction, efficient operation and reduction of maintenance costs.

Application of smart light poles in intelligent transportation

  2, smart energy. With the expansion of the new energy vehicle market, multifunctional smart pole charging piles with integrated design and small DC fast charging characteristics are favored by more and more people. The layout of charging piles for new energy vehicles can be realized by "shared poles, shared electricity, and shared management network" with smart light poles, so as to provide citizens with a faster and more convenient fast charging experience and achieve smart upgrades of urban management.

   3. Wisdom Park. Smart light poles can achieve multiple functions with one pole and combine multiple poles into one. It is an important infrastructure and sensing terminal in the construction of a smart park. It can mainly provide the park with three types of services: park management, convenience information, and park security. Wisdom is the nuclear energy acceleration engine for the industrial upgrading and development of the park, a better way to realize the integration of industry and city, and a powerful guarantee for establishing an ecological park and achieving green and sustainable development.

   Helping the construction of new smart cities

Smart light poles, also known as "smart city multifunctional integrated poles", are different from the previous single-function light poles. Based on smart lighting, they integrate cameras, advertising screens, video surveillance, positioning alarms, new energy vehicle charging, and 5G micro A new type of information infrastructure with functions such as base stations. It can complete the collection, release and transmission of data information for lighting, meteorology, environmental protection, communications and other industries. It is the data monitoring and transmission hub of the new smart city.

With the continuous evolution and upgrading of smart light poles, in addition to basic lighting and various intelligent controls, it has also realized intelligence in a real sense, becoming the collection end of the urban IoT sensor network, plus the help of LED light pole screens. , Has gradually become an indispensable part of data collection and monitoring for smart city construction.

   Smart light poles are not only an important part of a smart city, but also an important entrance of a smart city, which can promote the efficiency of urban operations. Collecting city information by carrying sensors has a huge effect on the various big data required by smart cities. Smart light poles can not only provide systematic and integrated global perception, information release, and terminal management services for new smart cities, but also provide high-quality site resources for the large-scale deployment of 5G base stations, and can also realize smart city infrastructure resources Open sharing.

  Improve the level of road traffic intelligence

   With the comprehensive construction of smart transportation and the gradual deployment of smart light poles, urban roads will gradually "live", and the urban economy will also usher in greater development space and opportunities. The role of smart light poles is very broad, not only in smart lighting, social security, and information release, but also in smart transportation.

   Judging from the current situation of smart light pole construction, smart light poles play an important role in road environment perception, supervision and maintenance, road services, security, and traffic formats.

   1. Dense coverage of blind spots. Along highways and railways, there are often places where the signal is not smooth, and the installation of smart light poles is conducive to achieving blind spot coverage. Since a single small base station currently has a coverage area of less than 200 meters, intensive deployment is required to fully cover the blind spots. The smart light poles are evenly distributed and the spacing is less than 100 meters, which can help small base stations to form dense coverage.

   2. Holographic perception of road environment. Smart light poles can achieve "one pole and multi-function". Through the equipped environmental sensors, real-time monitoring of air quality, temperature and humidity, noise, rainfall, light, and emissions in the surrounding environment of urban roads can create a holographic perception of the urban environment.

   3. Road services are diversified and intelligent. The free wifi, smart screen, broadcasting, charging pile, video surveillance and other functions on the smart light pole make road traffic services more diversified, smart and convenient. For example, people and cars on the road can obtain real-time road condition information on the smart screen to avoid traffic accidents and traffic congestion; the smart parking system on the smart light pole can also solve problems such as parking difficulties, effectively saving travel time and greatly improving A sense of travel experience.

   4. Improve road security capabilities. Based on applications such as video AI intelligent analysis on smart light poles, effective control of people, vehicles, and things can be achieved on smart roads. In the event of an emergency, the security linkage alarm and coordinated processing are realized. At the same time, it can be linked with the smart city operation management center through a one-key alarm button.

   At present, with the support of national policies, the application scenarios of smart light poles are gradually expanding. The construction of smart light poles with the new smart city strategy as the framework and 5G construction as an opportunity has ushered in a rare historical development opportunity.